Best Hands is a five-piece indie band from Stockholm. Though newly formed, the band has already played together for a decade, in different constellations. When beginning work on the new songs, the songwriter who is also the singer, was in Paris and the first single ”Helo” took shape in an exchange of recordings between the basement studio and an attic in Marais. Fittingly, Helo — a deliberately misspelled message — is about distances and how it affects relationships.

The self-titled debut contemplates relationships falling silent and communication not getting through. The album — influenced by the period in which it was made — depicts a somewhat hopeless landscape. Imminent natural disasters with their dramatic consequences and narcissist entrepreneurs wanting an escape to Mars — are contrasted with mother figures rising up in protest around the world.

The music is described by the band as a dreamy mix of folk, shoegaze and crooner rock.


  • Erik Fredriksson – Lead vocals and guitar
  • Lovisa Haglund – Vocals
  • Fredrik Smedenborn – Lead guitar
  • Anders Carlbom – Bass
  • Anders Veide – Drums